We manufacture high quality green and kiln-dried Spruce-Pine-Fir, Douglas Fir and Hemlock lumber for both domestic and international markets:

Japan Grade (J-grade)

Meets all the requirements of #2 structural; however, it greatly restricts wane, blue stain, warp and other characteristics to produce a top-of-the line, visually-appealing product for export markets.

Laminate feedstock

Millrun, square edged product, which is exclusively kiln-dried to an average 12% moisture content. Our product is produced exclusively from our Douglas Fir stands.

Prime Grade (APG)

A square edged product graded to #2 structural primarily sold into department stores.

Machine Stress Rated (MSR)

Our grade of MSR allows less natural defects than the National Lumber Grades Authority (NLGA) grades permit, which results in a superior product for the engineered wood products industry.

#2 Structural

Used in the construction industry, #2 structural meets all North American building codes.

#3 Structural

Used for miscellaneous purposes such as concrete formwork and pallet manufacturing, #3 structural is a high demand item in export markets.


Used for projects where appearance is not important.



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